Genesee Cream Ale

Gold award winner. World Beer Cup. Amber lager/ale or cream ale category, 2002. Since 1878. Since its introduction, Genesee Cream Ale has won ten major medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup - and we have no intention of resting on our laurels. Exceptionally smooth, our Cream Ale is fermented at high temperatures, aged longer and brewed with choice top-fermenting yeast. The result is a true original American Classic with the flavor of a fine ale and the smoothness of a premium lager. World Beer Cup: Gold, 2002, American Lager/Cream Ale; Silver, 1998, American Lager/Cream Ale. Great American Beer Festival: Bronze, 2004, American Style Lager/Cream Ale; Bronze, 2002, American Style Lager/Cream Ale; Bronze, 1995, American Lager/Ale; Silver, 1994, American Lager/Ale; Silver, 1993, Mixed American Lager/Ale; Gold, 1991, American Lager/Ales; Silver, 1988, Cream Ale/American Cream Ale; Silver, 1987, Cream Ale/American Cream Ale.