Southern Comfort Original Whiskey, 750 mL Bottle, 42 Proof

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind spirit at its most laid back with Southern Comfort Original Whiskey. SoCo Original is an easy-drinking whiskey without the overpowering harshness of other whiskeys. Made with traditional American craftsmanship since 1874, Southern Comfort is made following M. W. Heron’s recipe. The tastes of stone fruits and spices combine for a blended whiskey that is smooth and easygoing with that just-right balance of sweetness and spice. Whether you’re trying this 21% alcohol by volume spirit for the first time or enjoying it as a seasoned whiskey drinker, Southern Comfort Original Whiskey is so tasteful every time. SoCo liquor is satisfying on the neat, on the rocks or as a shot - no fruit required - and is equally delicious in your favorite mixed drinks. From a SoCo whiskey sour, an old fashioned or even a maple bacon Manhattan, no other spirit is so tasteful however you drink it or whoever you drink it with. True to the spirit of the Big Easy, Southern Comfort is whiskey on its own terms made to be enjoyed on yours. SoCo. So tasteful.