Apothic Red Blend, Inferno 750 ml

Indulge your senses with Apothic Inferno, a bold red wine blend aged for 60 days in charred whiskey barrels. Aging some of the wine in whiskey barrels adds an intriguing dimension of maple and spice to this red wine's dark layers of black plum and blackberry. The palate intensifies with notes of dried cherry and toasty vanilla leading to a long, warm finish. Apothic Inferno is perfect for drinking at room temperature on its own or in a whiskey-inspired wine cocktail. It's also a great wine to pair with your favorite foods, like pizza or barbecue dishes. Ideal for any occasion, Apothic Inferno is the perfect wine to accompany a night of endless possibilities, whether you're gathered around the dining table or a roaring fire. This red wine also makes a great wine gift for a birthday or anniversary. Each 750 mL wine bottle contains about 6 glasses of wine with 15.9% alcohol by volume. Discover flavor-forward, unforgettable wines with Apothic. In addition to Apothic Inferno, Apothic also offers Merlot, Apothic Crush and other varieties.