Cholula Smoky Chipotle Taco Medium Recipe Mix 1 oz

A unique blend of smoky chipotle peppers along with the signature spices of Cholula® Hot Sauce to add rich, bold flavor to taco night. Use this taco seasoning mix to prepare a family-friendly chicken taco dinner with medium heat in just 15 minutes. Made with premium spices like paprika and cumin & a blend of chipotle, guajillo and arbol peppers, our seasoning mix brings distinct Mexican flavor to everyday tacos and more. Use the taco filling to top tostadas, stuff enchiladas or burritos, or in your favorite fajita recipe. Or, switch up your proteins and try the taco flavoring with ground beef, thinly sliced steak or use to season carnitas-style pork. This seasoning mix also adds smoky flavor to queso or taco dip, chili and even eggs.