Cock N Bull Ginger Beer, Diet 4 Ea

The extra ginger soft drink & Moscow Mule mixer. We Invented the Moscow Mule! If it's not made with Cock’n bull, it's not an authentic Moscow Mule. Since 1946, The extra ginger soft drink & original Moscow mule Mixer. Born of the sort of intimate conviviality only a great tavern can provide, the Moscow Mule took shape about as far from the frozen steppes of Russia as you can get - in the glitzy confines of the famous Cock ‘N Bull restaurant which was located in Hollywood, CA. Owner Jack Morgan dreamed up the recipe in which fiery Russian vodka was tamed by his own special Cock ‘N Bull Ginger Beer - the very one right here - and served it up ice cold in his special solid copper mugs. Word got out, and well, the rest is history.