Cutwater Vodka, Spicy Bloody Mary 4 ea

Spice up your life with a can of Cutwater’s Spicy Bloody Mary. This bar-quality canned cocktail offers a fiery twist on the classic cocktail, made with Cutwater's signature Cutwater Vodka and Bloody Mary mix. The perfect balance of ripe tomatoes, spices and Cutwater's award- winning vodka gives this Bloody Mary its fiery flavor. As it slides down the palate, you'll enjoy a smooth finish with just the right amount of heat to keep you coming back for more. Beyond its delicious flavor, Cutwater Spicy Bloody Mary offers convenience and peace of mind with its gluten-free and award-winning formula. Enjoyed at home or out on the town, this is one ready to drink cocktail that you can always count on for an unforgettable taste experience - no bartender required! Unleash your wild side and discover why this kickin' cocktail is so beloved by lovers of spicy spirits! 10% alc./vol.