Toll House Cookie Dough, Pecan Turtle Delight 16 oz

Nestle Toll House Pecan Turtle Delight Cookie Dough is a pecan and caramel lover's dream. This delightfully rich Nestle Toll House cookie combines caramel with pecans and semi sweet chocolate chips for a delicious treat. Just break, bake, and go nuts for these break apart cookies! This refrigerated cookie dough makes 12 big perfect pecan turtle cookies which are great to eat as a snack, pack in a school lunch, or as an after-dinner dessert. This pecan turtle cookie dough is made with no preservatives or artificial flavors for a ready to bake treat you can feel good about. This Nestle Toll House cookie dough is pre-scored, so you can easily break off the right amount for chocolate caramel cookies studded with pecans that taste homemade and are ready in minutes. Keep this pecan turtle cookie dough refrigerated until the use by date on the package or freeze before the use by date on the package for up to 2 months until ready to enjoy.