Dr. McGillicuddy’s Irish Whiskey, 750 mL Bottle, 42 Proof

Encourage socialization with Dr. McGillicuddy’s Irish Whiskey. The smooth, 100% Irish whiskey offers bold hints of fruit, vanilla, spice and honey; whether you want to pregame before a night out, watch the big game with great company or just enjoy a whiskey on the rocks, this classic alcoholic beverage has your back. Each bottle of Dr. McGillicuddy’s Irish whiskey is aged 3 years for a full-flavored, premium taste. At 21% alcohol, this Irish whiskey can be enjoyed straight out of the bottle for a smooth, sweet flavor. Perfect for any party or celebration with friends, the premium whiskey can be used in a multitude of spectacular alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks. Doctor your favorite hard seltzer with a shot for a great tasting mixed drink. Use this Irish whiskey with the Doctor’s other liqueurs to make a variety of delicious alcoholic beverages. Store Doctor McGillicuddy’s at room temperature or pour the spirits from your freezer to enjoy chilled. Please drink responsibly.