Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food Complement, Lil' Grillers Seared Cuts With Chicken 1.55 oz

Calorie Content (Calculated) (ME): 648 kcal/kg, 29 kcal/pouch. A seared & yummy cat food complement. Seared cuts add delight to every lil' bite! Visit us at Try all 4 flavors! Does your cat like complements? Try Lil' Soups Printed in USA. Propel your novelty-seeking cat into new heights of delight with a Purina Friskies Lil' Grillers Seared Cuts With Chicken in Gravy adult cat food complement. Each ready-to-serve pouch is filled with yum your cat can see in the form of succulent seared pieces made with chicken. But the excitement doesn't stop there. Friskies Lil' Grillers seared cuts are served with savory gravy. We create this delectable cat food complement with chicken and gravy without any artificial preservatives so it meets your ingredient criteria. Add this adult cat food complement to your favorite feline's complete and balanced diet for a mealtime lineup she's bound to flip for. Use it as a topper on her dry food, mix it with her wet food, or serve it to her straight from the treat pouch while you two share some quality time. We manufacture our Friskies Lil' Grillers cat food complements in Purina-owned U.S. facilities, so you know exactly where your cat companion's treats are made.; Treat your playful feline friend to a sizzling flavor experience by opening a pouch of Purina Friskies Lil' Grillers Seared Cuts With Chicken in Gravy adult cat food complement. It's a super-convenient, super-fast and super-fun way to delight your cat with the flavors and textures she craves most while adding variety to her menu. Inside each easy-to-open pouch is savory-licious gravy and seared pieces made with chicken for the poultry flavor she loves to nibble. Mix this tasty complement into her daily meals, or blow her mind by serving it as an out-of-the-blue, "just because I love you" snack. We package this cat food complement with chicken in gravy in single-serving pouches that are perfectly portioned for her snacking pleasure and convenient for you. Keep your curious cat guessing about what the day holds for her by adding Friskies Lil' Soups With Chicken and Butternut Squash in a Velvety Broth Wet Cat Food Complement and Topper to her menu. Friskies Lil' Soups are full of grain-free goodness with no fillers or meat by-products."What makes cats truly happy?" Here at Friskies, we've built an entire line of wet and dry cat foods, treats, complements and toppers to answer that question. We believe that because of their very curious, playful nature, most cats crave freedom from the ordinary. That's where our innovative line of wet cat food complements and toppers comes in. They transform ordinary meals and treat sessions into extraordinary discoveries you can share. When served in addition to your cat's regular meals as treats and mixers, Purina Friskies complements and toppers provide a tasty and exciting way for you to make your cat happy. And Friskies knows that's one of the surest ways to make you happy too. You can feel good about serving this complement to your cat because it's crafted to meet Purina's high quality and safety standards.; Turn your playful feline's everyday meals into extraordinary taste adventures with the Purina Friskies Lil' Grillers Seared Cuts With Chicken in Gravy adult cat food complement.