Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Coffee, Dark Roast, Horizon Blend, K Cup Pods 10 ea

Fix your eyes on the horizon as you take in every sip, courtesy of Kevin Costner. This coffee embodies the bold and boundless spirit of the American west. A dark roast as smooth as it is strong, alive with earthy, smokey flavors that lend true distinction to every cup— just like a certain someone brings true distinction to every role. This unique collaboration with an American icon is a symbol of mutual passion and a celebration of shared commitment to enriching the environment, caring for its people, and giving back to our communities. Every Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® K-Cup® pod reflects our commitment to source responsibly and is filled with freshly ground coffee beans and brews a deliciously great-tasting cup of coffee—every time. These K-Cup® pods are compatible with all Keurig® single serve coffee makers. Simple. Delicious. And recyclable.* Enjoy the same great-tasting coffee you know and love, and when you’re done, please peel, empty, and recycle. *Check locally, not recycled in many communities.