Hidden Valley Seasoning Mix, Premium, Rancho Taco 1 oz

Tacos made tastier with our Ranch Recipe mix and taco spice. Refresh your weeknight meals with Hidden Valley® Ranch Recipes Rancho Taco Premium Recipe Mix, a blend of cheeses, spices onions and garlic for all your taco-inspired meals, from street tacos to taco bowls or anything you create. It’s incredibly easy to add this amazing, zesty flavor to any meal. Just open a packet of Rancho Taco Recipe, mix in your beef and milk and follow the cooking instructions on the back label. Each recipe packet is conveniently portioned and pre-mixed, so no worrying about measurements. You’ll be the most popular chef at the dinner party with this gluten free crowd favorite. Anyone can make mouthwatering, everyday meals with this Ranch Recipe mix. Good things do come in small packages. No artificial preservatives or flavors. Zero fat, 10 calories per serving and about 8 servings per pouch.