Hidden Valley Secret Sauce, Cajun, Restaurant Inspired 12 Fl Oz

Hidden Valley® The Original Ranch® Secret Sauce, Cajun is the perfect way to serve up restaurant inspired flavor at home and add some ranch zing to your favorite foods. This peppery, smoky sauce brings the perfect blend of Cajun flavors to your kitchen table in a squirt bottle so there is no need to leave the house to add a creamy kick of flavor to your sandwiches, fries, or Cajun-inspired meals. Stock up your pantry so you are never without a bottle of bang for all those foodie moments that require a touch of herbs and spices. This secret sauce features an easy squeeze nozzle designed for no fuss, no mess. It is also shelf-stable, gluten free, keto friendly and 120 calories per serving. Refrigerate after opening, if there is any left. And bring home the entire HVR line of Secret Sauce flavors while you are at it, because there is always room for Ranch.