Holten's Chop House Steak Burgers 6 ea

No thawing needed. Cook from frozen. Ready in minutes. With Holten's Chop House Steak Burgers, you no longer have to compromise quality for convenience. Our burgers boast butcher-style blends that are bursting with flavor. They're the easiest meal to feed hungry families fast. No burger lover's freezer should ever be without a box of Holten's Chop House Steak Burgers. Enjoy! Brought to you by the Holten family of brands, which, for generations, has provided you with exceptional quality you can not only taste, but trust. Holten's W Chop House Steak Burgers are wonderful on their own, but it's a snap to turn them into one-of a-kind masterpieces. Visit chophousesteakburger.com for recipe ideas to impress even the most avid burger lover. The best Angus beef ever made. Since 1978, certified Angus beef' has raised the bar, with each cut meeting 10 exacting standards for quality. Thanks to those standards and the brand's family of local farmers and ranchers who share the passion, and pride, in raising Angus beef that is the very best, you can be sure that each bite is full of the unrivaled flavor, juiciness and tenderness you have come to expect from the brand. Angus beef at its best. From freezer to bun in 15 minutes.