Klondike Sandwiches, Cookies & Creme 4 ea

Here’s another delicious way to eat cookies and cream. To make Klondike Cookies and Creme Frozen Dairy Dessert Sandwiches, we take our creamy vanilla dessert and mix in crunchy cookie pieces. Then, we take that creamy cookie and creme dessert and sandwich it between two big chocolate wafers, bringing together two of your favorite snacks in one ultimate sandwich. Now, you don’t have to choose between having a frozen dessert or eating a chocolate-flavored cookie because you can have both in this perfect frozen dessert. If every sandwich tasted this incredible, figuring out what to have for lunch would be a lot easier. It's every ice cream lover's dream come true! Take the time to treat yourself with this simple dessert. We know that life isn’t always as easy as it should be, so reward yourself for doing that thing you just did. Klondike supports you! You can enjoy a Klondike Cookies and Creme Frozen Dessert Sandwich as a snack or as a treat to help you relax. Discover your favorite Klondike Frozen Dessert Sandwich; there are three flavors for unlimited deliciousness. Each product is perfectly crafted to bring you a delicious combination of classic flavors you already love. Klondike frozen dessert sandwiches are certified as a kosher dairy product by KOF-K Kosher Supervision, one of the world's leading certification and supervision agencies.