Kraft Mac & Cheese, Original Flavor, Not Cheese 6 oz

It's finally here. The warm, cheesy macaroni that fills your belly and feeds your soul is now plant-based. Kraft & NotCo teamed up to bring you plant-based mac & cheese that doesn't compromise on what you love. Kraft NotMac&Cheese Original Flavor Plant Based Mac & Cheese has the cheesy and creamy taste you know and love. NotCo uses patented AI tech, Chef Giuseppe, to create delicious plant-based products. To prepare, boil 6 cups of water, stir in macaroni, cook 7-8 minutes, drain the water, then add 4 tbsp plant-based butter, 1/4 cup unsweetened original plant-based milk and sauce mix; mix well. Each 6-ounce box makes about 2 servings. Enjoy a bowl of our macaroni and plant-based sauce mix just like you would your traditional mac & cheese. Kraft NotMac&Cheese is vegan and contains no artificial dyes. So go ahead, help yourself.