Lawry's Ground Cinnamon 2.37 oz

Lawry’s® Ground Cinnamon is a well-loved spice in the kitchen, adding its warm sweetness to so many dishes and occasions. From holiday baking and sweet potatoes to summer grilling and BBQ spice rubs, cinnamon brings rich flavor to mealtime. With our budget-friendly ground cinnamon you can treat your family to a batch of warm oatmeal cookies or a fragrant loaf of banana bread whenever the inspiration hits. Add a pinch to any meal- the morning oatmeal and French toast as well as dinnertime chili and stews. Cinnamon’s spicy-sweet aroma makes the holiday table memorable, with the mulled cider, glazed ham and pecan pie awaiting your guests. Since 1938, Lawry’s is the brand you know and trust for spices and seasonings that make a good meal great.