Northern Chef Calamari, Sea Salt & Pepper, Gluten Free 10 oz

Wild caught. Source globally - market locally. Oven ready, easy to prepare. Dine well, feel well, live well. Do not freeze. Sea salt & pepper calamari. Northern Chef Sea Salt & Pepper Calamari are hand cut from wild caught loligo squid. Our tender calamari are hand tossed in a light sea salt and pepper, gluten free coating that gives them an irresistible taste and crispy texture. Serve these calamari with your sauce of choice for a snack or as a quick entree. At Northern Chef, we take our philosophy of dine well, feel well, live well. Our dine well products are carefully chosen based upon the following Criteria: All natural, high quality seafood above industry standards. Consistently great tasting flavor and texture. Responsible practices to ensure the future supply of fish. Addition of artificial chemicals is strictly prohibited during preparation. Precooked. Look for our complete line of products under our grands: Royal Asia and Northern Chef.