Odor Eaters Odor Destroying Insoles, Ultra Durable, Trim To Fit 1 Ea

Extra-sturdy & long lasting. Heavy-duty cushion. 3 advanced odor & wetness fighters. Destroys odor & controls wetness. Stops odor. All-day effectiveness guaranteed! Long-lasting odor & wetness protection - guaranteed! Destroys odor on contact with Super-Activated Charcoal, baking soda, zinc oxide and two powerful odor-blocking technologies. Absorbs perspiration so feet stay drier and feel more comfortable. Heavy-duty construction for longer wear and superior cushioning. Advanced odor-blockers stop odor. Powerful odor neutralizers destroy odor on contact. Super-activated charcoal provides long-lasting protection. Heavy-duty cushioning for hardworking feet. All-day effectiveness guaranteed! Satisfaction guaranteed.