Ortega Taco Dinner Kit 1 ea

A family tradition since 1897. Ortega Taco Shelf-Stable/ Ambien Dinner Kit offers provides everything you need for a quick and delicious taco dinner or an after-school snack. Each Ortega Taco Dinner Kit includes 12 hard taco shells that come ready to eat out of the box, one packet of Ortega taco seasoning, and Ortega taco sauce. Delivering authentic ingredients with a distinct flavor and texture, this Ortega taco kit helps you create tasty meals the whole family will enjoy. Just add your choice of vegetables, beef, poultry, fish or meat alternative to complete this taco dinner kit. Assemble this fun, flavorful meal kit by combining your favorite toppings with America's best selling taco sauce for authentic, Mexican meals. Ortega makes Mexican meals easy. This product is not made with any of the nine major food allergens.