Joan Of Arc Black Beans 15 Oz

Certified gluten-free. Good source of fiber. Joan of Arc Black Beans are a good source of fiber and are the nutritional building blocks for many different meals. They are the perfect ingredient bean for a multitude of Mexican dishes like burritos. When paired with rice, tomatoes or corn, they can even be a satisfying meatless entree. To serve alone as a side dish, heat as directed.; Joan of Arc Black Beans will do justice to any of your family recipes. These hearty legumes are also a good source of protein. You can count on all Joan of Arc beans to retain their delicious flavor and firm texture after cooking.; Joan of Arc beans have so many possible usages when you are cooking. They can also be a flavorful main dish, appetizer or even a side dish. It’s their incredible taste, texture and ability to transform a meal that makes them a kitchen hero! Our beans are the perfect complement and enhancement for any dish, and can even stand in for meat.; Joan of Arc - the Heroic Bean! High in fiber and protein, all our quality whole bean varieties will make your meals nutritious and tasty. Our Kidney Beans, Spicy Chili Beans and Pinto Beans - to name just a few - are the key ingredients that save the day.