Mc Cormick Ground Mustard 1.75 oz

No pantry should be without McCormick® Ground Mustard - it lends bright yellow color and warm, intense mustard flavor to any dish you stir it into. It adds a pungent kick to deviled eggs, ham glaze, burgers, sauces and marinades. Our mustard is always ground from #1 grade mustard seeds from the mustard plant, a member of the cabbage family. Its zesty flavor and sunny color are perfect for summertime favorites like coleslaw and pasta, egg or potato salad. Ground mustard is ideal for making prepared mustards or seasoning vinaigrettes, BBQ dry rubs, seafood boils, relishes, chutneys and pickling brines. It adds unique heat to meat dishes like ham, meatloaf and roast beef. Mac & cheese, cheese sauces and dips benefit from mustard’s tangy flavor.