Gia Russa Manicotti

Pasta specialita 47. Made from 100% premium pasta. No. 1 durum semolina. Delicious al dente cooking time: 8 min. La Storia of the perfect pasta. You can see it in her eyes. Our proud and noble Little Gia is just a child, but inside her is a hundred years of Old World Italian tradition. Little Gia knows good pasta. She knows that her ancestors spent centuries testing the finest and freshest ingredients, refining their recipes until they had it just right. It all begins with the consistency and flavor of the wheat. That's how you get the perfect pasta. One that cooks al dente every time. John Zidian, the head of our famiglia here at Gia Russa, made a promise to preserve these time-honored recipes. We use nothing but 100% durum wheat semolina, the best in the world, which gives our pasta its delicious taste, texture, and nutritional value. Little Gia's ancestors would be proud. They would thank us for the care we've taken to carry on this piece of Italian history and culture. We can just hear them saying, Grazie! Delizioso! Since 1948, the John Zidian Company has been celebrating the Italian spirit with the timeless, simple wonder of fine Italian food. Gia Russa premium Italian pastas are faithful to absolute quality, exceptional taste, and the genuine recipes of little Gia's Italian homeland. Just look at Little Gia's face. How can you resist inviting her to your table today?