Kitty Dri Cat Litter, Clay 10 lb

Powerful odor control. Looks in odors for a fresh home. Fragrance free. No perfumes or dyes. All natural formula. Safe choice for sensitive cats. Locks in Odors for a Fresh Home Highly absorbent granules powerfully trap odors leaving your home smelling fresh all day long. No Perfumes or Dyes Gentle and dye-free, this unscented litter provides an environment perfect for sensitive, allergic or finicky cats. Safe Choice for Sensitive Cats. Made with 100% natural clay granules and no chemical additives. Our formula is the safe choice for you and your cat. Think outside the box - clay litter is also great for: Creating traction on snow and ice. Freshness the trash can. Refreshing moisture in the ground. Contents natural clay grantees. Some settling may occur during shipment. Please recycle this bag.