Uncle Ray's Potato Chips, Salt & Pepper Flavored 4.25 Oz

Family made - Quality foods. The Life and Times of Uncle Ray: Chapter 22: Gone Fishing: I was 11 and my brother Bob was 14. The year was 1948 and June was a great time to fish. We caught a streetcar on Fort Street and rode about 15 miles to a spot on West Grand Boulevard where you could cast into the Detroit River. On my third cast, I let my hand slip and my rod and reel went sailing out into the river. What a sick feeling. I was looking forward to spending the night fishing with my brother, but all I could do now was watch other people fish. At about 2:30 in the morning, a man hooked a line deep in the river. As he reeled it out I said, "Mister, I lost my rod and reel several hours ago and maybe that's it." Sure enough, as he brought in his line he had hooked my rod and reel, and on the other end was a very large fish. The man said, "Young man, which do you want, the fish or the rod and reel?" I knew we needed the fish for the family, but I wanted my rod back so I chose my rod and reel. It was a beautiful night, there were no clouds and the stars were so bright they reflected off the river. We had a very special time that night, talking and fishing. My brother is gone now, but he lives on in my heart. I love and miss you, Bob. Contentment: Being thankful for what we have. Valuing people above things. Wanting less and giving more. From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Uncle Ray's. Uncle Ray. Not for sale in CA.