Snyder's® of Berlin Pretzels Sticks 16 oz BAG

The Land of Pretzels. Not everyone’s lucky enough to live in a part of the country that’s famous for something. People in Wisconsin have their cheese. Folks in Vermont have their maple syrup. And we here in Pennsylvania (we call it Pretzelvania) have our pretzels. Great low fat snack anytime. Snyder of Berlin pretzels have been made with special care to provide great taste in a low fat snack. Between meals or as a quick, convenient treat you’ll be pleased to have Snyder of Berlin pretzels available anytime. This package is packed by weight, not by volume. Some settling may occur transporting this product to you for sale. We are not connected in any way with Snyder’s of Hanover, Inc. of Hanover, PA. The Pounder Kosher