Mounds Dark Chocolate & Coconut 1.75 oz

Pass around the tropical flavor of MOUNDS dark chocolate and coconut candy bars with friends, family, co-workers and everyone in between. Delivered to you as a full-size sweet, it packs heaps of tropical flavor. The sweet taste of coconut drenched in rich dark chocolate will help you unwrap and unwind wherever you are. With the unique combination of ingredients, MOUNDS candy bars deliver the feeling of carefree pleasure. Slip a few into your lunchbox, keep a handful in your purse or send the kids off to school with a tasty treat. This sweet is also great to fill candy bowls at home. They even make great holiday candies no matter the season. While these full-size bars of dark chocolate and coconut are "indescribably delicious" on their own, you can also chop them up, adding them to your baked goods. Sprinkle MOUNDS candy pieces into your brownie mixture for a coconutty surprise with each bite or on top of ice cream and other desserts. Even during the holidays, these scrumptious sweets pair perfectly with Christmas stockings, Valentine's Day candy bags, Easter gift baskets and Halloween candy bowls.