Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons, Dim Sum 5 Ea

Handcrafted & ready in 3 minutes. Dim sim. Dine well. Feel well. Live well. Look for our complete line of products under our brands: Royal Asia and Northern Chef. Northern Chef. Royal Asia Shrimp Wontons make for a great appetizer or main entree. Sweet, savory, and not as spicy as they look, our Shrimp Wontons are coated in a Sichuan sauce, also known as Hong You Chao Shou, in Mandarin. They are a delicious combination of sweet soy sauce, garlic, roasted red chili, and a touch of vinegar to balance things out. These delicate, handcrafted wontons are filled with plump shrimp, Asian vegetables, and spices. Our Shrimp Wontons with Sichuan Sauce are truly tasty with an astoundingly great flavor. Simply heat & enjoy. At Royal Asia we take this philosophy to heart. Our Dine well recipes are carefully chosen based on the following criteria: Fresh, expertly cooked, all natural ingredients. Proper balance of the five essential tastes: salty, Sweet, sour, bitter and umami. Appetizing aromas, intense flavors, vibrant colors, and contrasting textures.