Sharper Image Cup Captain 2 in 1 Adjustable Cup Holder 1 ea

2x Double storage capacity. Adjustable to expand and contract. Rotates 360 degrees to maximize space. One size fits most. Turns 1 cup holder into 2. Expandable. Smart swivel design. Tomorrow's. Adjustable Sizing: Fit carious items: drinks, snacks & more. Double Storage: Holds 2 small cups or 1 large. 360 degrees Design: Allows for multiple drinks. Fits most car cup holders. 01. Double your storage space: Holds 2 small cups or 1 large. 02. Expandable cup holder: Adjusts to accommodate larger items. 03. Twists 360 degrees: Rotatable cup body allows for multiple drinks and small items to be stored without taking up space. 04. Adjustable base: Expands to fit to your existing cup holder. 05. One size fits most: Smart design to fit various items: drinks, snack & more. 06. Easy to use: No installation required. Product color and appearance may vary. Maximum car cup holder opening diameter: 3 inches. Maximum car cup holder opening diameter: 3.9 inches. Maximum allowable car cup holder depth: 3.5 inches. What you get: Cup holder.