Starburst Gummies Duos, Cherry Lemonade, Double Berry & Orange Green Apple 5.8 Oz

Can't choose your favorite flavor of STARBURST chewy candy? Now you don't have to! STARBURST Duos Gummy Candy delivers a flavor-packed punch with two unexplainably juicy flavors in each piece. Each pack of STARBURST Duos Gummy Candy comes with a mix of cherry lemonade, double berry, and orange green apple gummies. Keep a pack in your pantry or at your desk for a chewy fruity treat anytime. There's more than enough gummy candy to share with friends in each pack. Make sure to bring a pack along on family road trips and enjoy the fun flavor mashups of STARBURST Duos Gummies. Break them out at movie night or game night to add a little fun to your candy buffet spread. With STARBURST Duos Gummy Candy, there are endless ways to enjoy a burst of juicy flavor.