Stok Coffee, Cold Brew, Peppermint Mocha, Creamed 48 fl oz

Eat, drink cold brew and be merry with SToK Peppermint Mocha Creamed Cold Brew Coffee. This gourmet cold coffee is flavored with a delicious seasonal twist of peppermint mocha, available for a limited time. It's peppermint mocha the way SToK would make peppermint mocha: coffee forward and tasty. At SToK, we brew our cold brew coffee blend Low & Slow(TM), for at least 10 hours for a bold flavor that’s never bitter. Every batch of cold brew coffee uses a higher ratio of Rainforest Alliance Certified, Arabica-based coffee beans to water than hot brewed coffee, yielding a smooth and flavorful coffee. Looking for the best brew to suit the mood? Check out all the SToK bottled coffee drinks for the perfect fit, with Bright & Mellow as our lightest roast and Espresso Blend as our darkest. Wake up your passions with a SToK cold coffee drink you can enjoy throughout the day. With caffeine and the taste of cool peppermint, our peppermint mocha coffee is a brilliant way to help kickstart every day of the winter season. Get it while it’s cold. New SToK Peppermint Mocha Creamed Cold Brew is gone when the snow melts.