Sutter Home Raspberry Tea Wine Cocktail, 750mL Wine Bottle

Sutter Home Raspberry Iced Tea Wine Cocktail has bright, juicy aromas of raspberry flavors with herbal notes from natural black tea. A sweet, crisp, aromatic white wine with a touch of raspberry for a smooth refreshing finish. Sutter Home Wine has been awarded over 600 Gold medals since 2004. Sutter Home Raspberry Iced Tea Wine Cocktail pairs well with fresh berry tarts, grilled seafood, lakeside hangouts and a hot summer day! This wine features grapes sourced from California vineyards. Presented in a wine bottle with a screw cap, this wine is convenient to open without a corkscrew. Serve this fun and festive sweet wine over ice! This wine cocktail has 7.5% alcohol by volume. Sutter Home, family owned since 1948, is the brand generations of wine lovers trust to deliver consistent, award-winning quality and value for every wine occasion.