Thayers Facial Toner, Alcohol Free, Unscented, Witch Hazel 12 Fl Oz

Since 1847. Natural remedies. Aloe vera formula. Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients. The carefully selected, naturally sourced ingredients in this product have undergone limited processing. Variations in color, clarity, etc. can be expected from lot to lot due to our use of naturally occurring ingredients. What are natural origin ingredients? Thayers only considers an ingredient to be of natural origin of it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing, but retains greater than 50% of its molecular structure from its original natural source. 2% of the ingredients in Thayers Unscented Facial Toner are not natural in origin in order to ensure its sensoriality and preservation. You won't smell it, but you'll surely feel Thayers Unscented Facial Toner. This pH balanced, gentle toner is derived from a time-honored formula, developed by Thayers to cleanse, tone, and moisturize skin. Formulated with our unique, proprietary blend of Aloe Vera and non-distilled Witch Hazel that is grown exclusively for Thayers on a family farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut. By avoiding distillation of our Witch Hazel, we're able to preserve the naturally-occurring, beneficial tannins which are known to offer antioxidant benefits. Our toner formula imparts a natural glow to your skin. Thayers elixirs have been a fixture in medicine cabinets for generations - once you use them you'll know why. Paraben free. Phthalate free. Trust the red cap. - Henry Thayer. Md. M Witch hazel locally grown in Connecticut. Dermatologist tested for safety. Cruelty free.