Titeseal Applicator Hose, Premium 16 oz

Instant tire repair. Tire sensor safe. Seal & inflates in seconds. Premium applicator hose. Standard tire. Tire sensor safe formula. Contains no hydrocarbon gas. Non-flammable. Formulated for standard and mid-sized tires. Fast and convenient - no tools! No jacks! No mess! Seals most punctures up to 3/16 inches. Depending upon tire internal volume and aspect ratio, more than one can may be required for larger, higher volume tires. When used as directed Titeseal will get you to a service station for help. Sealant in this product is safe for use with original equipment tire pressure sensors. To ensure long term safety, inspection, tire repair, and internal cleaning of the tire and sensor are required. No CFCs: Contains no CFCs which deplete the ozone layer.