Unstopables Odor Eliminator, Breeze, Febreze 8.8 oz

You love that Febreze eliminates odors. But what you love even more? Febreze Unstopables Air Effects has up to 2X the incredibly fresh scent power (that’s double the scent of regular base Febreze). Febreze removes stink with a neat little molecule called cyclodextrin (Bonus: It’s naturally made from corn). This powerfully scented air freshener is always ready to send stinks packing with its bold scent: Just spray in a sweeping motion and clean the air in every room of the house. Freshening with Breeze is, well, a breeze, thanks to this extra-sniffable coastal scent. And, with its 100% natural propellant, you can confidently freshen up wherever and whenever you please. Want to take the fresh-tensity on the road? Try Febreze Unstopables CAR Vent Clips and drive odors out of town.