Vaseline Lotion, Soothing Hydration 20.3 Fl Oz

Made with 100% aloe vera extract, Vaseline Intensive Care Soothing Hydration Body Lotion helps keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Clinically proven to keep skin healed for 3 weeks (after using daily for 4 weeks), this non-greasy, fast-absorbing skin lotion is your go-to dry skin moisturizer. Vaseline’s moisturizing lotion goes beyond basic moisturization. Our Intensive Care range works to heal dry skin from deep within. Soothing Hydration contains glycerin, which draws and binds moisture to skin, and healing micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that lock in moisture, allowing the skin’s natural barrier to recover. The formula used in this body moisturizer for dry skin restores the essential moisture your skin needs, while also delivering a blend of nourishing ingredients. Vaseline Soothing Hydration lotion is infused with aloe vera, an ingredient that is known to help calm and soothe skin. With a soft, calming fragrance, this lotion is the ideal moisturizer for relieving everyday dryness, as well as soothing the dryness and irritation associated with sunburn. Smooth, hydrated skin can be yours with Vaseline Intensive Case Soothing Hydration lotion. Many of Vaseline’s dry skin lotions contain petrolatum to give your skin the extra care it needs. Explore our other Vaseline products and enjoy the healing power of Vaseline.